Could This Be Love?

"You remind me of how much I am supposed to love you. You remind me of everything you’ve done for me. You remind me of the gratitude I forgot to express. You remind me that my feelings are valid, then you remind me that they are all wrong." ~ Jennifer Neal

"Is our Black-and-white love the evidence of racial progress? I spent a lot of 2020 crying over what I heard of racist violence, both in Germany and the US, so count me among the skeptics." ~ Tammi L. Coles

"For a white person to love you, they have to permit you to go beyond niceness. To stop hiding your reality. You pluck up courage. You break the silence. They frown in hurt. They ask, ‘But what does this have to do with us?'" ~ Clementine Burnley

Stefanie Hirsbrunner (Hrsg.)

Could This Be Love?

Personal Essays on interracial relationships

Edited by Stefanie Hirsbrunner

Translated into German/English by Stefanie Hirsbrunner, Venice Trommer, Charlotte Wührer, Michael Kegler


Love as a unique experience is what we make of it individually. Still, how equal and free are we really when it comes to choosing a partner? What do some couples go through, in their daily attempts to simply be together?

In this collection of personal essays, authors from different walks of life bravely offer a glimpse into their personal lives. What happens in romantic relationships, once race, differing backgrounds and cultures come into play? Using their own experiences as a point of departure, they embark on a contemplative and often rousing quest to illuminate the question: Can we build a life together in a world still so deeply divided?

Foreword by Emilia Roig.

With contributions by Marie-Sophie Adeoso, Tshiwa Trudie Amulungu, Josephine Apraku, Aseman G. Bahadori, Clementine E. Burnley, Tammi L. Coles, Jude Dibia, Katrin Diop, Kalaf Epalanga, Stefanie Hirsbrunner, Bhekisisa Mncube, Yara Nakahanda Monteiro, Goitseone Montsho, Jennifer Neal, Ifeatu Nnaobi

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  • "Your love looks like your oppressor, enjoys the privileges of your oppressor. If safe space is where you believe you are free from emotional harm, your white love looks like unsafe space. And dating white feels like betrayal."

    –– Tammi L. Coles , "One Black-and-White Love in Seven Acts"

  • Could This Be Love? is an outstanding book. This is writing of rare tenderness, rage, bravery and beauty

    –– Musa Okwonga